woodland percussion black out birch
woodland percussion black out birch series snare drums

The Black Out Birch Series is the culmination of class and sonic aggression. Every feature of these stave snare drums has been designed from the ground up with the idea of creating a drum that will yield the highest levels of attack while retaining excellent tonal qualities, from the studio to the stage. 

Birch is one of our favorite woods to work with, due to its renowned ability to provide intense levels of projection, with the combination of its high tonal "crack" and powerful lows. If you're searching for a snare that will break through any wall of sound, then look no further. 

Aesthetically speaking, nothing can surpass the elegance of classic black. Regardless of your current kits' color palette, or your preferred musical genre, the visual versatility of the Black Out Birch Series is universal.

Join us in embracing the darker side...



     The Black Out Birch Series snare drums are available in two sizes; 14x6x3/4" and 13x5x1/2". Both are clad in a matte black finish, black chrome hardware, your choice of triple flange or die cast hoops, and DW MAG Throw-Off with 3-Position Butt Plate. Each feature our new leather badges and gaskets, and are topped off with Evans Heads and Puresound Snare Wires.


     The 14" Black Out Birch snare packs a major punch! Its beefy 3/4" thick stave shell is a force to be reckoned with. This drum provides incredible projection while still maintaining a crisp clean tone. 

     In comparison, the 13" Black Out Birch snare still has quite a kick, but is more conducive for the player that prefers sensitivity over shear attack. We like to refer to the 13" as the "Fire Cracker" and the 14" being the "Quarter Stick".

Black Out Birch Series Snares showcase our new vegan leather badges, lug gaskets, and accented air vent grommets. 

     As with all Woodland Percussion snare drums, both models of the Black Out Birch Series are crafted with offset 45-degree bearing edges. This is a 45-degree edge with a slight 45-degree counter cut. The sharp apex allows for minimal head-to-shell contact which produces far more attack and sustain as compared to other popular bearing edge styles.


Each Black Out Birch Series snare drum is individually made to order! 

Click the Order Now link to provide us with the necessary information necessary to fulfill your order. We require a 50% non-refundable deposit that will be invoiced to you after receipt of your order submission, as well as a shipping quote. Remaining balance is due upon completion. Please note die cast hoops will cost an additional $80.00 to your order. (Prices listed do not include shipping fees and/or applicable Sales Tax).  Please allow 6-8 weeks for us to fulfill your order. 

Please read our terms and conditions prior to placing your order. Feel free to contact us any time with any questions regarding any of our products or ordering process, thanks!


14 x 6"    $749.99

13 x 5"    $679.99