About Us

Each tree has a story to tell, Woodland Percussion is

"Giving the forest its voice..."


Allan Fausnaught

Founder - Craftsman - Musician 



     A small workshop nestled within an old growth forest in rural Chester County Pennsylvania, is home to Woodland Percussion. Born and raised in this idyllic landscape, as well as my passion for percussion and woodworking, has been the inspiration for creating my handcrafted percussion instruments. Each drum is meticulously crafted, transforming hand-selected hardwoods into functional works of art.



     Originally intended as a personal project during a summer break, I set up a makeshift wood shop in my family’s garden shed. Utilizing my Mechanical Engineering skills, I began fabricating the necessary jigs and equipment to produce a prototype snare drum. Using little more than a decades old table saw, a few hand tools, and an extraordinary amount of patience and determination, my personal hobby quickly flourished into to a small business. 



    Each Woodland Percussion instrument is handcrafted individually, one at a time. I feel there is nothing more gratifying than the art of taking an entity in its purest form, in my case a simple piece of lumber, and with time, patience, and great attention to detail transforming it into a tool that musicians will in turn use to create their own art. The craftsmanship and sound quality of my instruments have received praise and commendations from professional musicians and recording studios alike, and are currently creating music by artists worldwide.



I would also like to extend a heartfelt thank you to everyone who has helped transform Woodland Percussion from a simple dream into a thriving business.