Tina Young


Pristine Raeign

“Tina Young, a native of Pittsburgh PA, is a heavily sought after drummer in the Tri-State area (NJ, PA, DE). Tina began playing drums at the age of 7 at church; and honed her skills while playing in marching, concert, and jazz bands from grade school through college. She’s a very versatile drummer that plays various genres including traditional & smooth Jazz, Gospel, Latin, Funk, R&B, Blues, Modern/Classic Rock, Pop, Reggae, Hip Hop, Mowtown, Country, etc.

Her skills are much celebrated in both the Gospel and Jazz arenas, with noted emphasis on her energy and rhythmic ministry. One studio producer described her as “one of the funkiest drummers in the area.”

Tina is the manager/drummer of the Delaware based Soul/Funk/Jazz band Pristine Raeign. She’s proud to be a part of the Woodland Percussion family with her custom Maple kit affectionately known as “Brown Suga”, which turns many heads due to her physical beauty and most importantly… her SOUND!


“Out of the Wilderness” (Remnant Sounds - 2003) “Night Watch” (Remnant Sounds - 2007) “Love Lessons” (Pristine Raeign - 2016) “Melodicshpere” (Miche lle Danette - 2018)



Trevor Kiscadden




"In the summer of 2016, Paradrei took up residence at Seventh Wave Studio for ten days to record our first full length album. Kouqj had told me several times about the infamous "Black Lodge" birch snare, and now I’d finally have the chance to put it through its paces. The proof is on the record- we used it for seven out the eleven songs.

You can see where this is going. I spent three hours with Allan, trying out a dozen snares and the very first full kit he had completed. We sat down in front of the catalog and this is what we came up with. Within a few weeks, we reconvened at Seventh Wave so I could see the kit for the first time, and the result was just epic.

Enormous sound, unbelievable craftsmanship, stunning aesthetics. A true labor of love. It’s a monster sounding kit, and it shines in every situation I’ve thrown it into." 


Taylor "KouqJ" Bull


Nick Bozzelli


Steven Archer


Seventh Wave Studio

"I make records, he makes snares. I don't trust anyone else when it comes to what Allan does. The Black Lodge snare does what i've wanted in every snare beforehand to do. If you're trying to say something with substance, say it with Woodland Percussion." 




Leo Moon

"I started playing drums in middle school and ever since then music has been a staple in my life. Traveling all around the country, drums are my way of expressing myself to the world, and Woodland Percussion provides me with the perfect tools to get the job done. Their high quality products and excellent customer interaction blends perfectly to make any musician proud to be a part of their family."  



"I have been drumming since I was nine years old. I started out in school bands playing percussion, but quickly found my first love, the drumset. I love to play all genres of music, my favorites being funk, rock, jazz, latin, blues, and classical. I've played in worship bands, original bands, cover bands, and orchestras. I currently gig weekly with Lowjack in State College, PA.
     I have a rapidly growing collection of snare drums that i'm in love with. When I heard Woodland Percussion drums for the first time I knew I needed one in my collection. Not only are they gorgeous, but have such a rich tone, and incredible musicality. It's become my go-to snare for gigs and in the studio and it hasn't stopped inspiring since the first note I played on it."